March Madness Day 16: Quick Picture Tools

Ever want to just do one quick thing with a photo, but cannot find the photo editor that will let you do it. Instead you just get overwhelmed by all of the tools and effects a photo editor has to offer! Quick Picture Tools  is a photo editor for those that want to get a picture edited quickly or create a photo project in a snap. Each tool gives you an option to re-size or adjust the overall quality of the photo before you create. This is photo editing at it simplest.

Quick Picture Tools


March Madness Day 15: Gooru

Gooru - A Free Search Engine for Learning This will be just a quick update this evening! Today’s tidbit is Gooru. Gooru is a free search engine that is filled with videos, interactive displays, documents, and quizzes for Math, Science, and Social Studies topics.

You can create an account with Gooru; drag and drop videos and items to your resource folder for safe keeping, and also add outside resources. Searching is made easy as you can search by topic OR media type. Gooru also has a free iPad app called Gooru collections.

March Madness Day 14: The Peanut Gallery

I had the wonderful experience of attending the Google Apps for Education Summit this past weekend. I not only learned a tremendous amount about how to use Google in the classroom, I fell in love with Google all over again. Why do I love Google, because of things like this….The Peanut Gallery. What other company can come up with so many ways time?!

The Peanut Gallery lets you put your own twist on a silent film just by talking to your computer. It IS that simple! Enjoy!

March Madness Day 13: Answer Garden

“Plant a Question, Grow Answers.”

AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic feedback tool that can be used for brainstorming or polling. A teacher can enter a topic or question and are then provided with their newly created Garden. AnswerGardens can then be shared by link, an embed code, or a QR code.

AnswerGarden can be used live in the classroom and answers to questions form a word cloud that can be exported to Wordle or Taxedo. Try out the AnswerGarden  link below. For my fellow professionals, I have editing capabilities so I can hide any unsavory answers! (Another great feature!)

March Madness Day 12: Haiku Deck

First, sorry for the lack of a witty title.  Hopefully, the substance of this post will be so stellar you will forget.

I wanted to share a simple presentation app with you today called, Haiku Deck.  Haiku Deck is on all of our iPads at school and it makes simple, stunning slideshows very quick.  There are two really awesome things about Haiku Deck.  

The first is that it limits the amount of text on each slides.  I love this, because it really makes students and teachers stick to the highlights and main points of a presentation.  I think we all have been guilty of shrinking the font on a powerpoint slide to make sure we can fit in a whole paragraph.  That is visually unappealing and completely contrary to the point of making a presentation.

The second is you can choose to upload  your own pictures or Haiku Deck will give you access to Creative Commons photos you can use.  You can also intertwine both.

Haiku deck has a limited number of templates for free, but I am finding that it is often better to limit the choices for students or they will spend all day choosing their backgrounds.  Other templates can be purchased. 

March Madness Day 11: Beware of the Ides of March

Meograph is a new site that promotes four dimensional storytelling. Teachers and students can combine timelines, maps, links, and videos to tell a story and to give the readers context on when and where the story took place. It is really easy to use, BUT it does take a while to combine all of the resources. If you are going to use this in class this will be a pretty hefty project, but it would be worth it. Check out the meograph on the Fall of Rome at the link below.

The Fall of the Roman Empire

March Madness Day 10: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am officially a day behind again! Sorry the family flu bug is busy making its circle through the house and it was mine and Chunk’s turn to be down and out. BUT I think I can make it up to you! I know everyone here loves their iPads OR would like to use their iPad in class somehow. How many here have done something cool on their iPad, but have no way of showing the whole class, because they do not have a VGA cord?! (I am looking at you Wile) Today’s (or yesterday’s)tip is a simple download that will let you mirror your iPad on your computer so you can lead instruction and show off all the cool educational things you do while sitting at home. If you happen to come up with an awesome way to show a two-year old how to shoot the birds forward I would appreciate it, because we are still working on that.

iTools iTools is a simple management software that you download to your computer. It is meant to help manage all of the files, apps, and media on your Apple devices, but there is one little feature that makes it really awesome. Once iTools is downloaded you simply plug in your iPad using the USB cable. Once the program recognized your iPad you will get a menu on the left. Simply choose desktop. Your desktop will appear and then right above this are two tabs. If you click on the one that says LIVE you can see your iPad in action and it will mirror everything you do. Two other awesome options are while your desktop is live you can take a snapshot of your screen or take a video. I set this all up and recorded a video in less than five minutes. It’s a quick and easy way to use your iPad as a teaching tool!